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Shuttles, Parking, Backpacker Accommodation, DOC hut tickets, Showers,
Food Parcel storage, supplies

Contacts and services available during office hours daily

Shuttles & Parking

Shuttle service to the Lewis Pass end of the St James walkway and other local tracks/valleys in the Lewis Pass Area.
The shuttle is done in the client’s vehicle.
We are not able to shuttle rental vehicles for insurance reasons, but parking for these is available.
We also provide reasonably secure parking at the Centre for vehicles whilst the owners are away.
Sorry we are unable to do pick-ups.

Te Araroa Services

The Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre is on the Te Araroa. SOBOs will arrive from the Waiau Pass route, and NOBOs from Harper Pass.

There are no shops or towns between St Arnaud and Arthurs Pass. So, as we are able, we provide some services for TA walkers. But we do appreciate your understanding that we may not always be readily available to help you.  
This season we are offering parcel storage, backpacker accommodation and a small shop with some basic supplies.


Nestled between the Sylvia Tops and the Libretto Range, our Lodge is a great place to bring school or community groups, for a corporate retreat, or simply to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
It is wheelchair accessible and all at ground floor level though much of the ground outside is shingle or uneven.
It is heated by heat pumps.

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