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The North Canterbury Alpine Trust is the ‘not for profit’ operator of the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre. 

We are an incorporated society (CT 1975/6, 11th July 1975), with GST registration (19 264 076), charitable status (CC 29732).

The Trust was established in 1972, the purpose being “to build a mountain hut for the students of Rangiora and Kaiapoi.”  Today we are about excellence in outdoor education and recreation with our clients coming mostly from the Secondary Schools of Canterbury. In 1978 with the help of many the Boyle Lodge was opened. To learn more download the complete history in the book written by Colin East.


To extend the potential of young people to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens, enhancing their wellbeing through engagement in responsive future focused outdoor education learning programmes. 

To be sustainable, use sustainable practices and be internationally recognised as guardians of our unique alpine environment.


We offer unique programmes designed to meet the outcomes and objectives of each different group. Our programmes reflect what is important for your group and are targeted at the needs of the participants.


The Boyle family extends far and wide. From graduate cadets, the school community, to the volunteer Guardians that are crucuial to the running of our centre.

To find out how you can become part of the Boyle family get in touch now.

Experience the Boyle!

These activities will be led by trained and qualified instructors from Boyle River Outdoor Education
Centre [BROEC]. BROEC is a Canterbury based Outdoor and Adventure Education provider - we hold the ‘AdventureMark’, New Zealand’s leading outdoor safety audit certificate, and is registered with Worksafe
NZ as an Adventure Activities provider - as required under the HSWA (Adventure Activities) Regulations
2016. Thorough hazard management, staff training, equipment checks and emergency response
systems are in place.

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