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We accept Te Araroa food parcels sent to us for storage. Please ensure you use NZ POST as no couriers come to the Centre.


DO NOT post your food parcel to our physical address.


Please send to:

BROEC, Private Bag 55002, Orchard Road, Christchurch, 8154


Parcels must be well sealed (ideally mouse-proof) and labelled clearly with;

- Name

- Contact phone number and email

- Date of arrival.


Please also 'Add a note' on the following page to let us know your ETA.


Photo I.D. (passport or driver's license) must be presented when collecting your parcel.


Additional notes:


Unless we are contacted by the owner of the box, we will not hold a food box for more than 6 weeks after the recipients date of arrival. Following that and contact attempts we will donate the box to other hikers.


If you are picking up the box for someone else, please make sure the owner of the box emails ahead to to let us know that we can release it.

Parcel Storage - Size 3 Box

    • Dimensions (internal) 340mm x 260mm x 180mm.
    • Dimensions (external) 350mm x 265mm x 200mm.
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