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The Boyle Lodge Upgrade

We welcome the New Year and all the change and opportunities that will come.  In 2018 we celebrated 40 years of being part of the Boyle Community and over the last couple of years we have been working on developing a future focused and responsive 15-year vision of the lodge and property. A lodge that will help us enact our vision. Today we are excited to share this with you.

5189-Boyle River Lodge.jpeg

Fundraising and project planning will take place this year as we will be developing the lodge in 4 distinct projects. This means that we will be able to stay open throughout development and building, meaning little to no impact for the 2000 odd young people who come to the Boyle to learn and experience in our amazing backyard! Any feedback on the vision and plans will be gratefully received! Any questions please let us know. 
We hope this new look lodge will be built and operate sustainably and be a showcase in environmentally friendly building.

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