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The Boyle Team

The quality of our instructors at the Boyle is what sets us apart from most outdoor education providers. Consistent high level feedback from schools and community groups during 2019 is testament to the professional standards and quality outdoor education at the Boyle.

“Very effective at encouraging and developing teamwork, communication and leadership” Rangiora High School teacher.

Nick Chapman aka Night Condor

leads the operations team, with responsibility for programme development, future sustainability and actualisation of the Trusts vision.
In 2016 he joined the North Canterbury Alpine Trust, as temporary Centre Manager and in 2017 the management was restructured creating the role of Development Manager. His focus turned to developing the programmes, expansion of school users, improved utilisation and he initiated the Lodge Development Project.

In 2019 the Development Manager role evolved into the current Chief of Operations position, which has overarching responsibilities for all operational activities and reports directly to the board of trustees.


With nearly two decades of experience working for various companies and foundations in Australia and New Zealand, he brings to the Trust the experience of working in tourism, sea kayaking off the coast of Otago and White Water Rafting the rivers of Canterbury and Otago. 


He has worked with tertiary students at the University of Otago and more recently at the coal face with at risk youth from the Gold Coast in Australia before moving into management. His experience with groups of all types and his understanding of industry best practice, business and management processes ultimately ensure that the Boyle remains accessible to all that benefit from our future focused and responsive programmes.
Nick’s shared vision of inspiring young people and extending their potential to be life long learners and contributing citizens, and through the use of Outdoor Education and Recreational programmes to enhance their wellbeing is what underpins the success of the Boyle today. This is what drives him to improve and secure the future of the Boyle as the leading provider of Outdoor Education in New Zealand.

Ali Holley aka Alpine Hippo

Senior Instructor at the Boyle for 3 years - outdoors extraordinaire for 20 years

Quals: UK Mountain Leader (Hiking), SPA award (Rock climbing), BCU lvl 1 coach (Canoe and Kayak), Mias lvl 1 (Mountain bike)


Ali started his outdoor instructing journey in the UK in 2008 when he did an apprenticeship at The Adventure Centre in Dartmoor. Upon completing this he worked for two years at Adventure International in the UK learning more and improving his skill set.  Ali then moved to NZ in 2011 and worked in Hanmer Springs for three summers instructing and at NZski for those winters He did his first stint at the Boyle in 2014 before moving to Australia and working in the Victorian high country.  Upon his return to NZ he has been working at the Boyle since 2016 as the Senior Instructor.  In between these positions he has taken part and helped run expeditions in Ecuador, Mongolia, India.

Ali has been an avid tramper since joining the Air Cadets at 13 and completed his bronze, silver and gold Duke of Edinburgh awards.  He also was in the long-distance marching team and completed many events throughout his time with cadets.  Some of Ali’s personal highlights from his outdoor adventures have been completing the Belgium Death March which was 100km in under 24 hours; reaching the summit of Cotopaxi in Ecuador; spending 3 months tramping across Mongolia; Kayaking the Kali river in northern India; and the time he has spent exploring the NZ high country.

DSC_1114 (Boyle River's conflicted copy

Exploring new places has always been a huge draw for Ali and tramping has allowed him to get to so many places.  Between work stints he can be found at local crags as a keen climber and on the trails as a mountain biker along with many other outdoor activities.  He just loves being outdoors and sharing his knowledge with people. “I would take a rainy day outside over a day in an office anytime.  Outdoor pursuits aside, I really enjoy cooking and trying out  new recipes and ideas.” Ali Holley


Emma Millen aka Electric Moa

Program Manager here at Boyle River, indulging myself in this new land of opportunities - 15years Outdoors Experience

Recently successful applicant for my passport to cross from North to South Island. Originating from Waiuku, South Auckland. My hobbies are the water (rivers & ocean), with a strong passion of hiking that came from my experiences as a Duke of Edinburgh Student at High School. My interest in the Outdoors developed as a youth and flourished in my early 20s. Completing an Advanced Diploma in Outdoor Recreation and Leadership majoring in Whitewater and Bush. I started my career on the islands of the Auckland Hauraki Gulf soon after heading out on an intrepid journey across the ditch to Australia where I worked in the Blue Mountains for a year living out of a tent 5-7days a week as an Outdoor Educator. This part of my career lead me on a path of self development and personal growth where I returned home to change my career path and become a commercial diver. I studied in New Zealand and continued work between Australia and New Zealand for 5years doing onshore construction and aquaculture. During this time I was able to travel to and from SE Asia. When my sister had a child, giving me an internal pull to return home. I resided in Picton for 2years pre-covid commercial diving. Lock down saw my return to Auckland and the Outdoor Community to reignite my passion and contribute to the wider community as I had done so strongly before. Since then I have been looking to relocate permanently and plan a future I enjoy and brings my happiness.

My most memorable outdoor experience is the last day of a 6day kayak completing the decent of the Waikato River - 425km Lake Taupo- to my home town in South Auckland.

Quals: Dip ORL (current Bs Sustainability and Outdoor Education), MSC Bush Leader, Bike Skills, Certificate in Adult Teaching, SRL, ADAS Part 3 , ADAS Supervisor Part 2, Chamber Operator, St John First Responder.

The best part of my job Is helping staff to succeed in there roles and support education and professional development to facilitate life long experiences for students.

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