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Outdoor Learning Experiences​

Trust building - Goal setting - Challenge/stress - Peak experiences - Humour/fun - Problem solving

Outdoor Education and Recreation Programmes

At the Boyle we take pride in being a leading provider in outdoor education for schools. We have well appointed facilities, a diverse range of activities available and employ quality, professional staff who ensure that your school's outcomes are met, and that your students have a positive and educational experience. After discussing with you what your school's outcomes and objectives are, we create a tailor-made programme so that your students get the most out of their stay with us.

The Boyle staff use the outdoor activities as a tool to facilitate learning through hands-on experiences, briefing and de-briefing. Adventure Based Learning is a core process that encourages goal setting, reflection, personal and group development. Generally the instructors work with the same group throughout the programme, which gives continuity and allows the group to develop its team skills and reflect on how they work with others. Incorporated into the programme are opportunities to learn about the geography, flora and fauna of the area.  We can also provide opportunities to link with your curriculum based projects back at school.

Each school or group has its own focus for its programme and we incorporate this into our teaching.

Examples are: team work, personal & social development, leadership, 'getting to know you' at the start of a year, journeys, self-determination & responsibility, outdoor skills, teacher/student relationships, risk management etc

Students from other areas of your school curriculum can be involved in your course at the Boyle. For example Hospitality students can come and assist in the catering for your group or Peer Support leaders can come in a leadership role and work alongside the instructors.

Give your students the opportunity to achieve

We are guardians of the environment and stewards of the Trust


We will strive for excellence and innovation  

We will manage risk to learn and challenge ourselves 


We will show resilience and perseverance 

We are a community of learners who respect ourselves, others and are inclusive

We will honour the Treaty of Waitangi and mana whenua 

We will act ethically and with integrity


We serve our community 

Get in touch now and let us take the stress out of your next camp

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