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Gateway: Pathway to becoming an
Outdoor Leader or DOC Ranger

Boyle Gateway
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An overview

The Boyle Gateway programme supports Secondary School students who are engaging with the Government’s Vocational pathways programme through their school’s Gateway Programme (GWP).

By doing the Boyle GWP you will become more informed and gain credits towards the National Certificate in Educational Achievement (NCEA). 

The credits go towards: National Certificate in Conservation (Trainee Ranger) 0642; the National Certificate in Parks and Reserves (Park Ranger) 1475; and the National Certificate in Outdoor Recreation (Leadership) 1594.

Industry Experience
Work Experience
Career Pathways

Students will 

•    be familiar with the work values held by the Boyle 
•    have grown as a young person through skill development and reflection and therefore able to contribute to NZ society

     through your school or a club or any group that you belong to
•   be better informed about the world of Outdoor Instructors and DoC Rangers and the pathway into those careers.


     When you have achieved the six unit standards, worth a total of 15 credits, you will be able to say with evidence, that you are able to: 
•    explain the health and safety roles and responsibilities of an individual working in a recreation environment 
•    demonstrate knowledge of the emergency policies and procedures of a recreation organisation
•    identify and eliminate or isolate hazards and risks associated with a recreation activity and environment
•    write a report at a level required by industry 
•    give oral instructions in the workplace
•    prepare for a work experience placement. Carry out the placement and reflect on the results of the placement.
•    access and gather weather information, and apply knowledge of weather information to a planned outdoor recreation activity
•    communicate in the outdoors using a two-way radio.

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The Boyle GWP components


The Boyle Gateway work placement consists of four parts:
Part 1    A Health and Safety Course; a First Aid Course; and undertaking some research prior to participating in Part 2.  Part 1 is a pre-requisite.
Part 2    The preparation week at the Boyle (36 hours minimum)
Part 3    A work placement week either as a Trainee Leader or as a Trainee Ranger (36 hours minimum)
Part 4    Writing a report about the work placement and submit to the Boyle.


The environments we travel through are fragile. It is our responsibility as visitors to minimise the impact of our journey. We practice and apply Leave No Trace principles.

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By its very nature adventure involves an element of the unexpected. To get the most from this journey that you are mentally flexible, positive, and eager to take on challenges that arise. If you are uncertain about your suitablilty for this trip please give us a call.

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