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The Boyle is registered with worksafe and AdventureMark to operate in a range of locations throughout Canterbury and the West Coast.


We specialise in delivery of entire school camps right down to specific activies like rock climbing, and team building days that compliment your Outdoor Education and PE curriculum.


Our qualified and experienced team of outdoor educators will facilitate your students through their experience to make it fun, positive, educational and safe.

Our team are all experienced with Positive Behaviours for Learning and the NHA philosophy.


Cohort cohesion and the feeling of belonging and connection in your school are ideal for a positive learning experience for your students.


Whether you want to aid the development of your class or year group The Boyle can deliver specially designed and sequenced team building activities at your school!


These programmes help students interact positively break down cliches and allow teachers to see students in a different light. 

Experience the Boyle!

These activities will be led by trained and qualified instructors from Boyle River Outdoor Education
Centre [BROEC]. BROEC is a Canterbury based Outdoor and Adventure Education provider - we hold the ‘AdventureMark’, New Zealand’s leading outdoor safety audit certificate, and is registered with Worksafe
NZ as an Adventure Activities provider - as required under the HSWA (Adventure Activities) Regulations
2016. Thorough hazard management, staff training, equipment checks and emergency response
systems are in place.

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