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Parent Child Camps

Every parent child relationship is different - but the strength of this bond, in all its stages and forms, is often undeniable.
Whatever phase your relationship is at, whether it be navigating the rollercoaster ride of teenage years or being each other’s best friend, taking time to connect and spend quality, un-interrupted time together in nature is imperative. However, finding that time in busy schedules can be difficult.
If you are looking to take some time out from day-to-day life, reconnect and enjoy each other’s company, what better place to do that than immersed in the majesty of the Lewis Pass? The Boyle River’s parent child Camp takes the worry out of organising and planning that important mother-daughter time away and provides a space created with the intention of making new memories.
The Boyle River is based 15km south of the Lewis Pass, nestled between the Sylvia Tops and the Libretto mountain range. surrounded by beautiful and undisturbed bushland. The tranquil environment provides the perfect place for a peaceful weekend getaway – but don’t get too comfortable, as the two-and-a-half-day trip will also have some challenging adventure activities to overcome together.
Under the experienced guidance of The Boyle staff we use our High Ropes Course or River environment (depending on the time of year and weather!) as a tool to facilitate bonding through hands-on shared experiences.
Fun team challenges are planned for after the High Ropes, focusing on communication skills, co-operation and leadership. Filled with laughter and smiles, this is a fabulous family bonding opportunity, as well as connecting with other adventurers.


The children will go on a night adventure activity with our staff for an hour, while the mums network around the campfire. Everyone comes together again for a hands-on camp oven Wild Pizza night. Create your own dough-based pizza with your child and delight at the taste sensation of a campfire pizza as you relax around the fire.

These are only a few highlights of the weekend activities offered at The Boyle River’s parent child camps. This dedicated time away will be filled with adventure, fun and laughter, providing lasting and cherished memories.

Please feel free to give us a call on 03 315 7082 or email for more information.


1. What's the cost?


The cost is $304.00 for each Parent Child couple

2. What’s included?

  • Professional Outdoor Instructors facilitating activities on Saturday 8am-8pm 

  • Tent accommodation which is all set up for you and ready to go!

  • 1-night in our lodge and 1-night camping

  • High Ropes Saturday morning

  • Facilitated group activities 

  • 1-hour night adventure activity for the girls

  • Wild Pizza dinner Saturday night
    campfire and wood

  • Tea/Coffee/Milo and hot water facilities

  • Amenities including hot showers

3. What’s excluded?

  • Transportation to and from the weekend

  • sleeping mats, sleeping bags, linen, pillows etc

  • Meals and snacks unless otherwise stated

  • Alcohol/Beverages (you are welcome to bring this with you)

  • BYO camp chair, sleeping mattresses (total tent floor width is 1.2m), sleeping bags/blankets, pillows, cutlery and plates, cups

4. Are tents provided?


Yes 2 person tents are provided and are already erected. All you need to do is add your bedding and you are set for sleeping

5. Do I need other camping equipment?


You do need some other bits and pieces, however it is nothing too fancy. If you don’t have it, try and borrow it from a friend. There is no need to go out and buy new gear. 

6. What food is supplied?


Dinner on the Saturday night is the only meal included. This is fresh Pizza that we make from scratch.

7. Do you have any suggestions as to what food to bring for the other meals?


It is best to keep it as simple as possible, allowing more time for fun! As people will be arriving at different times on Friday night, you may wish to have dinner on the way, or bring a dinner already prepared. Note that there is a commercial kitchen in our lodge for the Friday night, however when camping we will be cooking on the camp fire and using a gas stove for boiling water for tea and coffee.

For breakfast, cereal and fruit is the best option. We have an early start on Saturday morning, so something quick and easy. Bread and or rolls for lunch on Saturday with cold meats/salads is the best option. As we finish around lunchtime on Sunday, you may wish to have your lunch before you leave or purchase something on the journey home.

It is recommended you bring an esky with ice to keep your items cool while travelling. We do have fridge and freezers available during your stay.

8. What is the age range for girls?


There is no specific age range, however there is an age range for the activities. The minimum age for high ropes is 10 years.

While we do recommend waiting until 10 years old to get the most out of the camp activities, this is not a restriction for signing on.

9. What can kids younger than 10 do while the high ropes is in progress?


You will have 4 hours of free time. You have the option of heading up to the high ropes site (wearing helmets!) to watch the briefing and climbing in progress. 

You can also go on a short mother-daughter bushwalk/explore (we have plenty of suggestions and maps at the office), and also head to the river for a play/swim/relax.

10. Do we need to have any experience in any of the activities or camping?


No, none at all. Just a keen sense of adventure, a willingness to participate and a desire to have fun.

11. Can I book/organise my own group, and what group size is important?


Yes, call us to make an enquiry and to check availability. Maximum numbers are 12 pairs (24 guests). Minimum numbers 6 pairs (12 guests). 1 pair = parent child.

12. Who is running the activities?    


The program is facilitated and instructed by qualified Boyle Staff. In addition, all safety gear for rock climbing is included. The Boyle River have extensive experience in running and facilitating school groups.

13. Where is The Boyle River located?


The Boyle River is situated near the Lewis Pass at the junction of the Boyle and Lewis Rivers on SH7. The signpost reads ‘Outdoor Education Centre’. Hanmer Springs is 58km or 40 mins drive to the east and Springs Junction is 35km or 30 mins drive to the north, Christchurch is approximately 2 hours’ drive away.

14. Is there mobile reception?


Reception is very limited and unreliable. Take the opportunity for a digital detox!!

15. I have more than one child, can I bring them both?

The program is set up for a pair of mother/daughter. You are welcome to bring another adult to partner with your second (or third) child

Experience the Boyle!

These activities will be led by trained and qualified instructors from Boyle River Outdoor Education
Centre [BROEC]. BROEC is a Canterbury based Outdoor and Adventure Education provider - we hold the ‘AdventureMark’, New Zealand’s leading outdoor safety audit certificate, and is registered with Worksafe
NZ as an Adventure Activities provider - as required under the HSWA (Adventure Activities) Regulations
2016. Thorough hazard management, staff training, equipment checks and emergency response
systems are in place.

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