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The North Canterbury Alpine Trust - a non-profit organisation - is the operator of the Boyle River Outdoor Education Centre. 

The formation of the Trust was a response to a simple suggestion:
"Why not build a tin shed somewhere up in the mountains where our local high school kids can experience the high country of Canterbury?"

And so, in the early 70s, the Rangiora, Kaiapoi and Belfast Rotarians, along with Rangiora and Kaiapoi High School, established the Trust, and set about acquiring the land and building the Boyle Lodge.

Over five years the lodge opened in 1978! The faces and name of the Lodge have changed and the facilities have expanded over the last 40 years. The Trust and Boyle staff continue to provide students from all over the country with positive, challenging and fun learning experiences no matter what the weather!

Programme Manager Position

Please click on the link below for more information on the  Programme Manager position January 2024


‘The Boyle’ is an Outdoor Education Centre catering mainly for school groups of different ages. We offer tailor made courses to suit each clients’ needs and our Facilitators therefore need to be flexible and experienced in order to cater for a range of activities and programmes.


Boyle Facilitators are committed, skilled and enthusiastic with excellent people and facilitation skills. They would normally have NZOIA qualifications in Bush and Rock plus Ropes Course experience.


Adventure Based Learning is a core aspect of all our courses and the philosophy we use to deliver all our activities.

For more information about working at our friendly centre contact us



The Boyle Lodge is looked after at weekends by friends of The Boyle known as Guardians. The Guardians core role is to look after the site and lodge in a house sitting capacity; attend to any shuttles to local tracks and parking; take weather observations; and see people into the Lodge who are booked in. From time to time they may be asked to attend to other small tasks. Guardians arrive any time on Friday afternoon or evening ready for the weekend and leave in the afternoon on Sunday. Guardians are provided with accommodation for themselves and immediate family; receive $70 of petrol vouchers towards travel costs and receive induction and support from the Boyle. An overview of responsibilities and information can be provided on request. It would be preferable if Guardians knew the Boyle and are sincere in their support of the aims of the Centre and the North Canterbury Alpine Trust.


Become a friend of the Boyle by donating money at the Gold, Silver or Bronze levels or by providing a service or a product or by donating time.


New Zealand is faced with major issues of teen suicide, drug abuse and crime. Young people increasingly engage with each other in the cyber world and are not learning the personal & social skills necessary to be part of the real-world community. We need to reconnect our youth with their whanau, local and New Zealand communities and help them learn to contribute.

​All our Boyle programmes teach these skills as well as immersing the student in the natural environment. They learn empathy, leadership skills, self-management, team work and communication skills and show each individual that they can achieve success by challenging themselves. They learn that they can become a valued member of society.​


With your help we can make better communities…
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