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Boyle River Awards

The Awards are a way to recognise the exceptional young people that participate in Boyle Programmes every year. We have four Awards based on our Values and the Boyle River Young Adventurer of the Year.

Our Vision is: To extend the potential of young people to be lifelong learners and contributing citizens, enhancing their wellbeing through engagement in responsive, future focused, outdoor education learning programmes. 

To be sustainable, use sustainable practices and be internationally recognised as guardians of our unique alpine environment. 

Award Criteria

Sustainability Award

Has a Positive Impact - The young person must have a meaningful impact in the community by helping protect the environment or enhance the quality of life for their community.


Embraces Innovation/Creativity - The young person must demonstrate a commitment to sustainable practice and new and better ways of achieving sustainability.


Overcomes Challenges - The young person should be proactively tackling sustainability challenges.


Demonstrates Initiative - The young person would have demonstrated action to move sustainability forward at the Boyle River.


Resilience Award

The young person has experienced significant hardship or failure and has pursued positivity as a response.


The young person will maintain a sense of humour even when times are tough.


The young person reframes adversity as an opportunity for growth


They display gratitude as more than a feeling. It is a chosen attitude toward life.


Respect Award

Self-respect is at the heart of respecting others. When you can identify and appreciate your strengths and accept your vulnerabilities, it's easier to truly respect the value others and mana whenua. The Young person will have mana gained from the manaaki shown to others.


Integrity Award

Honesty - The young person tells the truth and does not take advantage of others.


Generates trust - The young person must demonstrate their reliability and positive commitment to themselves and others.


Taking Responsibility - The young person is entrusted with looking after something and follows through on the project.


Helping others - The young person will have demonstrated responding promptly to the needs of others, and being prepared to make sacrifices to accommodate others. 


Boyle River Young Adventurer of the Year Award

Curiosity – The young person treats each new and challenging experience as an adventure where you get to learn new things, work with new people, or venture to new ground.


Preparation - "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail" says Benjamin Franklin.


Team Spirit – The young person must actively promote team cohesion and comradery.


Fitness – Displays physical and mental endurance.


Grit - When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. In fact, the answer to adversity may not even be verbal. You just grunt a response and continue plodding on.

Experience the Boyle!

These activities will be led by trained and qualified instructors from Boyle River Outdoor Education
Centre [BROEC]. BROEC is a Canterbury based Outdoor and Adventure Education provider - we hold the ‘OutdoorsMark’, New Zealand’s leading outdoor safety audit certificate, and is registered with Worksafe
NZ as an Adventure Activities provider - as required under the HSE (Adventure Activities) Regulations
2011. Thorough hazard management, staff training, equipment checks and emergency response
systems are in place.

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